Overview of Russian Channels

Spice Up Your Life with Over 150 Live Russian-Language Channels

KartinaTV was specifically designed for Russian-speaking individuals located in the United States and Canada who want to enjoy their favorite television stations native to Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, as well as many other countries throughout the former Soviet Union.

And with more than 150 channels, we are the industry leader in Russian online television. Whether you’re looking for popular Russian TV shows, classic and new-release movies, late night talk shows, children’s programming, HD channels, sports, comedy, or music, we have enough variety to satisfy every member of your family.

Watch the Best Russian TV on Your Own Schedule

Don’t have time to watch your favorite shows live? We understand life is busy, which is why we automatically archive all programming for two weeks, which allows you to enjoy them at your convenience. In addition, you can watch Russian online TV from almost all mobile devices, as well as from any location in the world with an internet connection. With Kartina TV, you can forget about being tied down to a bulky satellite dish.

Popular Russian Television Channels

Kartina TV features a wide variety of the most popular Russian television channels, including:

  • ORT International
  • RTR Planeta
  • Rossiya
  • Kultura
  • Muzika Pervogo
  • NTV
  • TNT
  • RenTV
  • CTC
  • Domashniy
  • Peretz TV
  • Dom Kino
  • Petersburg - Channel 5
  • Russia 24
  • MTV Russia
  • Comedy TV
  • MatchTV
  • Carousel
  • Pyatnica
  • RU TV
  • 1+1 International
  • Novy
  • Belarus TV
  • …and many more!

On-Demand Russian Movies

In addition to our huge selection of Russian television channels, KartinaTV also offers more than 30,000 on-demand movies, which can be accessed in just a couple clicks of your mouse. Whether you want a classic movie or one of the latest new releases, our ever-growing library is sure to provide you and your family with endless entertainment.

Choose the Leader in Russian Online TV

KartinaTV wants you and your family to feel right at home, and nothing can do this quite like seeing familiar faces on your television screen. Laugh along with your most beloved comedies, grip the edge of your seat during the newest action flick, and brighten your children’s day with their favorite programming.

Whatever your needs may be, as the world leader in Russian online TV, Kartina TV offers more ways to brighten your day than any other company. We provide more than 150 Russian TV channels, over 30,000 on-demand movies, in addition to the ability to enjoy our content anywhere on the planet. With Kartina TV, you really are never more than a click away from home.

Ready to Begin Watching Your Favorite Russian Programming?

If you speak Russian, your Kartina TV service can be quickly activated here.

Don’t speak Russian? Have no fear — our customer care professionals will gladly assist. Give us a call at (844) 477-8788, or contact us, and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Start watching your favorite Russian television programs in minutes with Kartina TV!